this is the place where things should be written
the only roadmap provided


my work is an expression about who i am and where i have come from. it is about grounding me here in this moment. in this time

for me i see art everywhere. even in the forgotten trash of an empty desolate street. in the subtle things we regularly miss as we rush about. i photograph my daily commutes taking in the things that stand out for me. things that scream for observation. for recognition. scenes colours shapes vibrancies that stop me in my tracks. things that make me look in awe. make me smile

i am compelled to make art. whether its a photograph or a small drawing. a painting on a panel or a mural on a street wall

in the studio i paint with acrylic oils and found materials on anything i can find. i paint with spray paint and draw with charcoal and pencil. i take these pieces to the street where i rehashed them to make new pieces. sometimes adding text
i work both consciously and subconsciously sometimes gently and other times forcefully. destructing to construct. subtracting to create. exploring detours and deviations through erasing and minimalising

i write draw and scribble. i work as a child discovering items for the first time. exploring pushing challenging myself and the materials i have to hand. nothing is sacred until it is complete

brian ormond 2021


bornĀ : cork, ireland
lives : cork county, ireland & los angeles, usa

private collections : canada, england, france, germany, ireland, usa


emailĀ :


artwork photographed by

bern de chant
rich gilligan
lauren purves
brian ormond