this is the place where things should be written
the only roadmap provided


i work mainly on wooden panels with acrylic and oils, found and collected materials. these materials being anything i can get my hands on or i stumbled across in my daily life. things that others discard or abandon. things that for me have plenty of life left in each of them

the initial layers of the paintings are emotionally charged. i work both consciously and subconsciously marking the panel in unique forms with the found objects, sometimes gently and other times forcefully. destructing to construct. subtracting to create. exploring detours and deviations through erasing and minimalising

the elimination and over-painting is a push-pull scenario resulting in a layered and detailed piece that is full of depth, vibrancy and often calmness

as the paintings are being created i reuse the found materials to create stand alone sculptures and give those discarded objects a second life or maybe its their third life since they were once used by someone for a very different purpose

i write i draw i scribble on paper. i work as a child discovering items for the first time. exploring pushing challenging myself and the materials i have to hand. nothing is sacred until it is complete. otherwise pieces are scrapped and reused yet again

i photograph my daily commute to the studio taking in scenes, colours, shapes and simplicity. things that stand out, things that we regularly miss as we rush about. things for me that scream for observation

my work is an expression about who i am and where i have come from

it is about grounding me here now in this history. in this moment
brian ormond 2018


born : cork, ireland
lives : cork county, ireland & nyc, usa

private collections : canada, england, france, germany, ireland, usa

photo credits

bern de chant
rich gilligan
brian ormond